Love and Unity Church Outreach Ministries, Inc

In the picture above from left to right  mighty women of God are - "Evangelist Ray Evangelist Flo Lady Bryant Evangelist Ashford Evangelist Breland Sister Hiler Sister Bogan Evangelist Johnson Lady Montero Sister Gray Sister Acevedo Sister Gray Sister Jacqueline Watson-Manuel" 

First Lady Deborah Johnson and the Women of Love and Unity  2014

God bless the women of L&U Church, who came out and supported our churches first "Women's Luncheon.: It was a great time with great women. We can't wait until our next church women's event, Proverbs 14:0 "Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands." Women of God we have so much to do, put you faith in gear and lets go to places that  who Love God can go. 

First Lady Deborah Johnson

March 08,2014

Sister Bogan and  Evangelist Johnson                                                First Lady Johnson and Evangelist Ashford

Sister Hiler and Bogan talking about the goodness of God

The women of God in tune to the word

Evangelist Ray and Breland excited about God's Word

Lady Bryant Excited and ready to experience God. She is wearing that hat.

Sister Acevedo 

Sisters Acevedo and Gray Friends in Christ... 

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